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HoseReel Mounted Boom

Uniform water application gives far more even crop growth compared to raingun systems.

Low pressure operation helps reduce pumping costs and puts less strain on the pipeline.

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All our booms are made from steel and are fully galvanised which ensures a long life span.
All components are manufactured using modern technology and spares are readily available for any boom we have ever made.

Hose Reel Irrigation System Technical Parameter:

Attached Boom/Cantilever Parameters:

Boom length 26m
Covering width 36m
Water flow 13-60m3/h
Pressure 0.3-1.00Mpa
Nozzle Dia. 4.4-7.5mm
Working Pressure 0.10-0.20Mpa
Sprinkling Range 1.0-5.5m
Rainfall 8-50mm

The boom adopts stainless steel pipe, and the length is 26m.
Can use the AS26m boom cantilever type if the plant request small rainfall.

With the advantage of lower pressure, smaller water-drop, higher water distribution uniformity, small influence for wind.

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